About the Venture

MarketSavvy is part of a 3 dimension offering in an attempt to add clarity to the world of finance to young business students and professionals, and those in other disciplines who have an interest in this field.  See below for more on the various offerings:
• The Intention of MarketSavvy is to create a forum for participants to get a real world feel for how to follow the Financial Markets.  It is meant to be complementary to the theory learned through school by giving a more practical and Market focused approach to understanding the Global Financial universe.
• The focus here will be on the US financial markets which will act as a ‘global currency’ for any career in finance participants intend to pursue.
• The Primary focus of this part of the program is to give each individual the confidence to be able to invest for themselves.  Whether your intention is investing for retirement or speculation, InvestorSavvy will give you the tools you’ll need to execute and manage your investments for yourself.  We will turn the ‘noise’ of the advisory and media industries into practical steps to controlling your financial futures.
• Although not necessarily a continuation from MarketSavvy, topics discussed here will certainly assist you in the process
• CareerSavvy gives students the background information they need on Financial Services industries so that they can make informed decisions about launching their careers.
• And it doesn’t stop after getting the offer.  Students will continue to have access to the CS platform so that they can negotiate better salaries and promotions throughout their early careers.